We offer the following services

1. Advertisement of your requirement in our main dailes.

2. Activate our pre-qualified applicants source from our data bank for your final selection.

3. Provide you the venue, facilities and staffing support during your selection process.

4. Arranges the training, testing and medical examination of selected personnel.

5. Assist the selected candidates in their documentation requirement, processing formalities with government agencies (i.e. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Labor and Employment (POEA)).

6. Conducts Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) for departing personnel.

7. Assists the selected candidates in their departure formalities all the way to continuous development, monitoring and reporting.

Documentation requirements for employers

Provide us the following documents:

i. Special Poorer of Attorney (SPA) — duly authenticated by Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

ii. Job Order (J.0) / Demand Letter duly verified by POLO.

iii. Copy of your Company's Commercial Registration (RC).

iv. Electronics Visa Authority and visa copy needed in Saudi Embassy Employment Contract duly verified by POLO.